Today, we are going to talk about some fun projects we did over the last week here at the Holler Homestead. There were some changes that needed to be done because of the pig, some fun wild plants popping up, goat hijinks and more. And yes, as usual, nothing went as planned but a bunch of stuff got done. This really makes me think the most important skill you can develop if you plan to integrate homesteading practices into your life is troubleshooting and keeping flexible.

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What mother nature is providing
More rain
Stinging nettle
Dead nettle (for salad)
Egg recipe of the week: Tuna egg salad

Getting the Gardens Ready
Story: Farmers market meeting

Tales from the prepper pantry
Cleared out everything but the last 7 onions and 2 butternut squashes in the root cellar. Reorganizing it for the summer months
Using up green beans and beets at a fast clip now that the new crops are about to be upon us
BBQ story

Stretching Meals
The Boston Butt Project

Operation Independence
Pig shelter story

Make it a great week!

Song: Dr Feeley, Dr. Skinner by Sauce