Today, I address a number of questions about turkey, stock, try a new coffee from Australia, talk about freedom, and much more as we head into a rural American winter. Holler Roast is growing and we are finding new pathways to standing on our own, without steady employer oversight. There is still a pig here who wandered onto the land. And, while the goats do not make an appearance in the podcast, I do say the word goat at least one time.

Also, I didn’t burn the house down on Sunday, so …

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It’s Thanksgiving week and you all know what that means. We are in full holiday season mode. It’s time to buy the children of all your friends some cheap plastic toys, go into debt buying that heirloom ham, and run frantically around attending all the parties and gatherings, including a thing called “Friendsgiving” so that by January 3rd you are broke, sick, and surrounded by clutter. This is one of my favorite times of year because if you get it under control, there is so much fun to be had.

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Today we replay an important episode, “Why Build Resilience in Your Life,” from the past, but there are a few new announcements.

Cider Hollow Pig Processing Event

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Today I want to talk with you about stress and more importantly letting it go because life is too precious to waste on worry and fussing. And this year has been a doozy of a year for stress in my personal life, as well as professionally. So many ups and downs, so many reasons to lose confidence, so many reasons to thank friends and family, and so much potential for new things to come.

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Tales from the prepper pantry
Sweet potatoes really should come out of the ground and be set aside to cure in the mud room.
All squashes are dead and we just have radishes left in the the gardens
The first venison infusion has arrived and we still have some from last year that we want to eat up
We got a banana tree! It has to go in the tunnel
I am starting to assess winter stores of animal food to ensure we have a month’s worth extra at a time
Oysters are coming on and the watercress looks about ready to harvest
There is still wild mint!

What we are preserving this week
Loofah Preservation

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