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Episode 31: New Land – New Adventure

The eight week time-pressure episode has arrived! That’s right, Center Hill Sun goes to press this week – though there is still time to place an ad if you want to reach 20,000 people who love the outdoors, rural living and country fun. 🙂 Today we have a chat with Dori Mulder, the person who […]


Episode 30: Wild Forage Nutrition

We’ve gotten lots of feedback on the last episode from folks who wanted to go to that workshop and have never been able to. It got me to thinking. What if we do a homesteading workshop right here this coming September? In former years, we have had one or two orientations followed by lots of […]


Episode 28: Why Build Resilience in Your Life

Today we will talk about how important it is to build flexibility into your life because it helps make you more resilient when things change. We will also talk about what has happened since we started getting serious about the egg and coffee business, cover how the paper is doing and I will share with […]


Episode 27: Three Mistakes to Avoid on Your New Land

Today we are going to talk about what NOT TO DO when you first move to your new homestead. These are three things that I really wish we had known before we dove into the Holler Homestead. Also today, a brand new gluten free, dairy free, soy free potluck recipe. I’ve got some updates to share […]

Episode 26: Starting Seedlings for the Newbee

Today’s topic: Starting Seedlings for the Newbee. Also today, a comment on some of the divisiveness we have all been experiencing and some thoughts on why certain words trigger bad behavior – especially online. More importantly, we will talk about something you might do to de-escalate these situations. Also, we will be re-upping the Toby […]


Episode 25: Canning in 8 Projects: 1 – Pickles

On today’s show, I will walk you through a specific recipe you can try at home with produce purchased at the store for your first canning project. This is in advance of our soon to be produced youtube series: Learn Canning with 8 Home Preservation Projects. Also cued up for the show is another segment […]

Food Growing Resource

One of my favorite podcasters decided that this would be a great time to go back to the basics on how to grow food! Food Growing Resource: The Survival Podcast Episode is a link to his podcast site.