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Episode 46: 8 things to plant in August

Today, I will share with you some ideas on what you can put in your fall garden – and share the fall mix of seeds that we are hoping will grow a nice fall garden here at the Holler Homestead. Along with this I will share the garden update – Because it is time to […]

Episode 45: Be an Ant, Prepare for Winter

The Dog Days of summer are upon us and winter is coming. Are you ready for it? Today, we will talk about what you should can do now to prepare for the winter, whether you are in the city or on a homestead like we are. Next week’s show will be a replay of a […]


Episode 44: A Variety Show, Bacon, Websites, and More

You’re in for a good show today, it’s a variety show! That’s right, today I will roll through feedback and questions sent in by you, our listeners! A question on building a WordPress business Getting a side hustle started Stinging Nettle uses and recipes How to make bacon Holler Roast Update Become a Show Patron! […]

Episode 39: Canning Jam

Happy Birthday to LivingFreeInTennessee.com. LFTN launched on May 21, 2016 with our first ever episode: http://livingfreeintennessee.com/2016/05/20/episode-1-living-free-in-tennessee/ With the pig roast, Holler Roast Kickstarter, and sudden influx of awesome visitors who descended and started knocking out our new coffee roasting room, I missed it! Today, we will go over the third canning project just in time […]